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Safety First!!

To make the most from our inflatable units and to ensure the safety of its users, make sure you follow the important safety rules

• Inflatable units require a relatively open & flat area away from trees
• Sticks and rocks must be cleared from the area
• Do not set up nearby fire, braai’s, and no smoking is allowed on the inflatable unit
• Always have an adult supervising the inflatable unit
• Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the inflatable unit at any time
• Don’t bounce or jump near the entrance, to avoid falling out of the inflatable unit
• Take off your shoes, jewellery and any other sharp objects that might puncture the inflatable unit
• The maximum weight of somebody in the inflatable unit is 100kg
• In case of rain or bad weather, all children should exit the inflatable unit and the motor should be turned off and stored indoors
• If power to the inflatable unit is lost ensure all children leave the inflatable unit until power is restored and inflatable unit fully inflated
• Keep Blower Fans DRY at ALL TIMES
• No shoes, sharp objects, pets, food, drinks or eating utensils shall be allowed on the inflatable unit.
• No water shall be allowed on the inflatable unit (Except on specified water slides).
• Inflatable’s are to be erected on grass surfaces free of stones, glass and any sharp objects. Please ensure you have checked the area for these as they can cause damage to the jumping castles.
• Bumpy Jumpy Castles does supply each castle with 20 metres of extension lead. Additional leads can be hired from us at a nominal charge. Power points are the responsibility of the hirer.
• The customer will be liable for any damage/theft of the equipment whilst in their care. All damages incurred to inflatable’s or motor while in possession of the hirer will be payable by the hirer unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties. The equipment will be the responsibility of the customer until returned and checked by the Company. It is therefore asked that the equipment is not left outside overnight.
• Bumpy Jumpy Castles will not be held responsible for any associated rental, stall fees, entry fees or any other such expenses that might be incurred as a result of the hire of equipment.
• No adults are permitted on the inflatable’s unless designed and advertised as such.(Please respect our equipment and enjoy responsibly so †that others may too!)
• Do not climb on the sides of Jumping Castles as they will tear, rendering the equipment useless
• All equipment to be used at OWN RISK

What is the Lease Agreement all about???

As with any lease, you will need to sign an agreement before you make use of our inflatable units/services.
When we deliver, you will be asked to sign an indemnity and to follow some simple rules concerned with looking after the inflatable units. This will be prepared for you in advance. Please read it carefully before signing and accepting the terms and conditions. Inflatable units require parents/adults to be present at all times to make sure that the children aren’t taking unnecessary risks. Some of them are high up and involve climbing & jumping and there is a risk that children could fall off.

Conditions of Lease

The document (as below) will be on your invoice and requires your signature prior to use of the goods.


1. By accepting delivery of rented items, customer agrees to all terms and conditions shown on this rental contract. Customer acknowledges that he/she has received in good order all rented items and other goods listed on the contract.

2. Customer assumes full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, and return to Bumpy Jumpy Castles. Customer is responsible for all loss, damage, or repair.

3. This rental contract forms the sole agreement between the customer and Bumpy Jumpy Castles. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Bumpy Jumpy Castles harmless for any claims from customers use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the customer’s negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defense of such claims.

4. Operators should read all warnings and instructions (safety instructions).

5. If customer refuses to return rented items, the customer agrees that Bumpy Jumpy Castles and its agents may take all reasonable actions necessary to recover rented items without prior notice or legal process.

6. Customer acknowledges the possibility of injury and will provide adult supervision at all times according to the rules given to rental party prior to event, written instruction, or verbal.

7. Attorney fees: Customer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and court costs incurred by Bumpy Jumpy Castles in enforcing these terms and conditions.

Bumpy Jumpy will deliver, set up and inflate your castle. When your function is finished Bumpy Jumpy will collect and pack away the castle , ensuring you have a hassle free but extremely fun filled Bumpy Jumpy Day!


• A R300 deposit is payable to secure your booking.

Deposits will only be refunded if:

1. It is raining on the day of the rental
2. Notice is given 72 hours prior to day of rental

EFT payments can be made to:

Recipient: Bumpy Jumpy Castles
Bank: FNB
Branch: Wierda valley
Branch Code: 260 950
Account no.: 62210881373
Account Type: Cheque

• The balance of your order is payable either 24hrs before rental or on delivery.
• Cash or Electronic transfer into Bumpy Jumpy Castles account are the preferred method of payment - no cheque’s will be accepted.
• Should you wish to pay when the equipment is delivered to your venue, please ensure the correct amount, in cash, is available as the jumping castle or items hired will not be left at venue without payment being made upfront. (This must be arranged with Bumpy Jumpy Castles and is at our discretion)
• The weather is out of our control!!! We will contact clients on the day, should the weather be looking risky. Should the client insist on delivery for that day, Bumpy Jumpy Castles will not refund monies paid if you are unable to use the inflatables for any reason whatsoever.
• We reserve the right to refuse delivery should payment not be made or should the circumstance be beyond our business scope